Solar Generators For Homes

What Is Passive Solar Home Design

Solar Generators For Homes

The solar home design is something that many designers and builders are considering these days. The desire to use clean energy means that many families are looking into solar generators for homes. Some do so to ease the costs of energy bills while others want off grid power.

This is the obvious answer to embracing solar, but it isn’t necessarily the most appealing. The alternative is passive solar home design, a concept that used for a very long time but heavily under-utilized. Passive solar systems look at the sun’s energy in an entirely different way for some significant benefits.

What Is The Difference Between Active And Passive Solar Home Design?

Clean Energy - Passive Home

The active solar design is where we see all of those solar generators for homes and impressive systems of panels and tech. Active systems actively use photovoltaic or thermal solar power to heat, light and run a home. It requires … Read the rest